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Past Programs

Date Topic Presenter
05/09/2015 Integrating Life Changing Events through Type
03/14/2015 The Other 34%: Taking the Pulse of Thinking Women and Feeling Men  Michelle Kitrell
01/10/2015 Your Typological Opposite: Nemesis or Complement(or both)?
11/08/2014 When You Can’t Decide: Ways to Verify Type Preference
9/13/2014 Understanding Me and You: A Whole Type Exercise
5/10/2014 Understand your Conflict Style: The TKI Conflict Assessment
3/8/2014 Where Are You Coming From? Understanding the 8 Functions of Type through verbal and non-verbal cues.
1/11/2014  Moving Type Forward: Introducing the new “Type Coach Verifier” Pam Rechel
11/2/2013  Wired for Success:  How Your Career Shapes Your Brain Dr. Dario Nardi
9/14/2013 Bouncing Back: Getting to the CORE of Stress and Resiliency Dr. Linda Berens
3/11/12 Life Should Be Easy: organizing home & life based on your personality type Annie Battee
01/07/12 STJ Culture Johnnie Cain & Pam Rechel
11/12/11 The Magnificent 16 – a multimedia approach to Type Ellen Langan
09/10/11 Diving Deeper for Conscious Type Development (exercises to use the 8 functions to deepen type development) Gary and Margaret Hartzler
5/14/2011 The Art of Persuasion Pamela Valencia, CPP
4/30/2011 Type Development in Young People (workshop) Elizabeth Murphy, co-creator of the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children
03/12/2011 “Cracking the Code”. Linda Elliott
01/08/2011 How to Present MBTI Workshops Monica Schneider
11/13/2010 Appreciative Inquiry and Type Debbie Fischer, CFP and Paul Lambshead, CFP
9/11/2010 Type and Learning Styles Berry Huelsman and Monica Schneider
5/8/2010 True Calling: Identifying Resources for your Life’s Work Dr. Kim Voyle
4/10/2010 Workshop: The Neuroscience of Personality: Brain Savvy Insights into Personality Type Dr. Dario NardiLA, CA
3/8/2010 Interaction Styles – Are you a Chart the Course, Behind the Scenes, In Charge or Get Things Going Type? Pam Rechel
1/8/2010 Networking: Not Just for Extraverts Sabrina Goff
11/14/2009 New Team building ideas using the MBTI®, including the Think Box Pamela Valencia, CPP
9/23/2009 Trickster and the Eternal ChildDinner meeting Meg Ellis, from CaliforniaVisiting MBTI® Qualifying teacher
9/12/2009 The Golden Profiler Chuck Pratt
5/9/2009 Communication & Generations Cris Cullinan
3/14/2009 Experiential Problem SolvingEugene Location Kate Rowles, Denise Smith, Chuck Kalnbach
1/10/2009 Conflict Management: the MBTI and Mediation Louise Nelson
11/8/2008 Medical Specialties & Type: Using Type to help MD Students select their medical specialty Anita Taylor, OHSU
10/11/2008 Type & Money: Are You a Wealthy Type? Jennifer Selby, from San Francisco
5/10/2008 Workshop: In the Grip Naomi Quenk
3/10/2008 Problem Solving & Type Berry Huelsman and Pam Rechel;
1/12/2008 The MBTI Complete® – a new, interactive form that does not require a professional interpretation Rachelle Jacover
11/10/2007 MBTI & Parenting Sherri Austin
9/8/2007 Introvert & Extravert in Love Mike & Marti Laney
5/12/2007 Application of the 8 Functions Pam Rechel
3/10/2007 The 8 Functions illustrated in Film John BeebeWorkshop offered through the Jung Society
1/13/2007 Type & Exercise: 16 Roads to Fitness Rachelle Jacover & Sherri Austin
11/11/2006 Type & Change Through the Lens of Temperament Dorothy Hoover
9/9/2006 Asperger’s Syndrome & Type Bob Chester
5/13/2006 Mid-life Shadow Integration: Type & Three Challenges, Telling a New Story David Drake
April 22,2006 Workshop: Chameleon Coaching: Flexing Your Style to Meet Client Needs Jane Kise;
3/11/2006 Irony of Opposites Carolyn McCall
1/14/2006 Guided Imagery & Type Ann Hammond
11/12/2005 The Introvert Advantage Marti Olsen-Laney