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Yes, we’d like to have you get more involved in P-APT. We have needs for short volunteer opportunities (1-2 hours), as well as longer term responsibilities (1-3 hours per month). We currently have vacancies on the Board. If you’d like to join a great group of people committed to creating a great organization, contact the Chair.

We love to make our members feel welcomed as soon as they step in the door and we are always on the lookout for warm and enthusiastic people to help us do just that.

Workshop Helpers: With so much going on at our workshops there is still so much to do. We are always looking for people who want to get involved and help out with some of the tasks such as; troubleshooting, greeting/registration, promoting PAPT, cleanup and so much more.

Membership Outreach: We think there are many people and organizations that would be interested in our programs…if they knew about them. We’re looking for folks who will make phone calls and send emails, have coffee with folks to introduce P-APT.

Summer Programs: Summer is a time to get out and promote our mission, to get people involved in what we are about as well as exercising ourselves mentally and physically in the world. We need people who want to get out there in the world and get some ideas flowing for the rest of us and get things started. In 2010 we’ll have our first summer picnic (August 7th).

Board Members: Our board members help to keep us grounded and connected as an organization and even if you don’t have the time to pursue involvement as a board member with an active role, we also have members at large who attend our board meetings, and are included in organization oriented discussions as well as have a vote in proposals we make.

Presenter Topics: Type can find a home in any aspect of life, however sometimes we need a little direction in our topic choices for our meetings. We are always on the lookout and open to suggestions, feel free to let us know.