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Survey of Proposed Program Topics & Formats

PAPT Program Chair Linda Elliot conducted a brief survey of our mailing list to gauge interest in different program topics and formats for 2014/2015.

Three topics came out on top:

Understanding the 8 Type Functions through Verban & Nonverbal Cues
Understand Your Conflict Style: the TKI Conflict Assessment
Facilitated Discussion of Type Development

Respondents also confirmed interest in more webinars, such as the one PAPT recently hosted with Dario Nardi of UCLA.  So that’s a program delivery method we’ll explore more.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we appreciate your input!

View the full survey results.

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Small group “Introduction to Type” Sessions

You asked! At the request of our PAPT Programs Survey respondents, the PAPT Programs Committee is offering two small group “Introduction to Type” sessions before the New Year.

Each 2 1/2 hour session (6:30 – 9:00 p.m.) will offer a facilitated discussion of:

Origins of Type
Overview of Type Theory
The 4 Dimensions of Type
The 8 Functions and the 16 Types
How to Verify your Best Fit Type
Overview of Applications of Type
Type Development across the Lifespan

Thursday 12/6 in Lake Oswego, with Monica Schneider

Wednesday 12/11 in Beaverton, with Karen Adams

These sessions are FREE for PAPT members (here’s how to join.)  Limited to 10 per session.

Pre-registration required by December 5th: send an email to lindaelliot50 at gmail dot com.

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Seattle workshops April 26-27 – Understandable Jung & Putting the Magnificent 16 to Work

The Seattle APTi chapter is holding a two-day workshop with Danielle Poirier.  April 26th the focus is on Putting the Magnificent 16 to Work.

In the morning, you learn the practical applications of the Magnificent 16 in coaching  counseling individuals. You will:

 Understand how everything on the DVD – music, animation, colors, menus – leads to increase your understanding of type
Explore practical uses of the DVD to clarify and validate type
 Compare differences in expressions of dominant & auxiliary functions by viewing vignettes

In the afternoon, you learn the practical application of the type mandala in team building to:

Understand a team’s dynamics based on whole type.
Identify the team’s blind spots and help the team strategize to avoid their traps
Get to the core issues and challenges of diversity in teams.

April 27th will present the Understandable Jung.

You can attend one or both days. 6 CE credits are available for each day’s workshop.

Get more info and register by clicking here.

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March 9, 2013 Meeting: Emotional Intelligence webinar

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is defined as a non- cognitive form of intelligence. Dynamic and innate. A system of perceptions that registers in the brain as emotion. So how does EI link to the cognitive system of psychological type?
This 2-hour LIVE WEBINAR brings researcher, writer, consultant Henry (Dick) Thompson, Ph.D. to Portland APT to explore new findings about EI and Type.

Join us live at our regular Medical Teams Int’l meeting location, or REMOTELY through your PC.

Learn more and register.

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What “Type” of Parent Are You?

How does your personality type preference (and that of your child) affect your parenting?  Longtime Portland APT member Annie Battee is quoted in this PortlandFamily.com article that offers some insights.

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