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Board Members

Annie Battée, Chair 

Annie JPGAnnie Battée (ENFJ) works as a Neighborhood Services Counselor for the City of Salem assisting Neighborhood Associations and citizens to solve problems, participate in decisions, achieve their goals, and connect them with others who can assist.

She is passionate about her friendships and cherishes each unique person and the gift they are in her life. She is currently working on putting away pictures from her latest trip to Historic National Park Lodges. She greatly admires the log beam construction of many of the lodges, especially since most were built in the early 1900s during the frigid winter.

She shares the Myers Briggs information to give herself and others the best chance to understand and be good to each other – constructive use of differences. The biggest insight she has derived from her experience with MBTi® is that “no matter how long you have had the information, your observations of others are based on your experiences of them and may not indicate their true type, a reminder that only they can indicate their type”.

Ken Steinke, Treasurer

Ken_SteinkeKen Steinke (INTP) discovered type about 30 years ago while looking for answers to ‘why people do what they do’. Since that time he has attended a qualifying course in Portland and participated in training sessions with friends and coworkers.  Although he doesn’t use type professionally, he finds it very useful when working with a variety of people that he meets through his volunteer work and leisure activities. “The Portland PAPT chapter has been an ongoing source of inspiration and information, it is a great group.”

Pamela Moore, Membership Chair 

image1-18Pamela Moore (INTP) is a certified MBTi® Practitioner and participant in the MBTi® Master Practitioner Credential Program.

She is a Global Operations Manager at Nike’s World Headquarters, where she uses the MBTi®  regularly to support personal and organizational development.

Arlene Richter, Constant Contact Manager

Arlene RichterArlene Richter, M. Ed (ENTJ) is an MBTi® certified and Master Practitioner. Currently, she co-facilitates the on-line course “Journey through the Eight Functions of Type” with Bob McAlpine of Type Resources. She is passionate about learning new things and about Jungian personality type.

A retired Secondary Language Arts Teacher, she gives personal assessments, presents workshops, and facilitates study groups on understanding best fit type and on Jung’s eight cognitive functions.

“Insights come every time I see within myself, or hear another express a deeper glimpse into their own self, how understanding type awakens us – guides us through our shadow selves, affirms our positive selves and the value of our differences.”

Laura Donnelly, Member at Large 

Laura Donnelly (ENFP) grew up in a family that talked type around the dinner table and found it invaluable to have a  language to discuss how one interacts in the world. Laura has a BA in Psychology and a MA in Dance Movement Therapy. She was qualified to administer the MBTi® in 1993.

She enjoyed serving as a Member-at-Large and on the Executive Board for the Bay Area (BAPT) chapter in the 1990s. After moving to Portland and starting to raise a family she was excited to find PAPT and enthusiastically became a part of it. She has found type a wonderful resource for understanding people and group dynamics.

Michelle Kittrell, Webmaster 

IMG_3034 - Version 2-24Michelle Kittrell (ENTP) is passionate about human behavior and the interaction between people and systems.

She is a research analyst specializing in customer experience and loyalty.

She uses MBTi® as a framework to help understand the diverse ways people take in and process information.  The biggest “aha” moment she had with MBTi® was learning that people deviate from their dominant preferences under stress – – in other words they do not act their ‘normal’ selves. This has heightened her awareness of group dynamics and practicing greater patience and compassion during times of conflict.